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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pol Brennan


As some of you know, the band has been very involved in following the events of Irish political detainee, Pol Brennan.


For those of you that are unfamiliar with him or his plight, here is a small edited excerpt from his website.

Facts on Pól Brennan

Pól has lived in the US since 1984 when he met and married an American citizen. In 2000 he and 3 others won the right to stay and work in the US after the British Government withdrew extradition proceedings against Pol and the 3 other defendants for Political actions in the north of Ireland. They were granted hearings to apply for political asylum which are still ongoing and since 2000 Pol has lived and worked openly in the bay area of California.

Pól is not undocumented. He has a work authorization application in the system but has not received this permit nor has he been refused this permit. He was stopped and imprisoned last year on a bureaucratic mistake that has escalated to an inactive deportation order being activated which completely ignored the order from the court of 2000 stating he could stay until a political asylum hearing can be heard.
Please contact your local elected representatives and ask them why Homeland Security will not drop its opposition to bail and allow him the opportunity to fight his case in a fairer manner in court.

We've written a song for Pol and are encouraging you to post it in as many places as you can so it may help bring some visibility and perhaps a bit of old fashioned activism to Pol's plight through music. Borrow it, take it, email it, post it -- Please join us in getting it out there. Funds collected through direct sales of the early release of this single will go directly to Pol's family.

For more information please visit the Pol Brennan website at: www.polbrennan.com


Harry said...

Irish terrorist Pol Brennan was deported to the Republic of Ireland today. Well done to the US authorities for not listening to the bleating of Irish Americans. This Irish terrorist broke many US laws and has been sent packing. Hopefully now he will be extradited to the UK to face the rest of the jailtime that he is due to serve there. The GFA didn't cover on the run prisoners like Brennan.

M. Michael said...

As someone who knows him very well (I lived under the same roof as him for years) and is a family member that the press chooses not to interview, I would like to say that Pol is not the hero that he is portrayed as. He is a criminal in many ways, and I am not referring to his activism or involvement with the IRA. Look on the 'gopetion' on his support website that was requests that he not be deported. Not a single family member from his WIFE'S family signed it. Her last name is VOLZ...anybody want to take a guess as to why his step daughter (Joanna Volz's daughter) is never mentioned...? The only family members that signed it were his own. I am not taking a stand on his political views, activism, or position but his true character is being overlooked. Believe me.

Unknown said...

You are an idiot