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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Buggy Slideshows

Sometimes the slideshows below bug out and loop after only a picture or two. Each one has up to 50 pics in them so sometimes refreshing the page will help it move forward instead of looping back.

Also, there are more slideshows on the second page.

Tim's Eye 2

Tim's Eye 1

Judy's Eye Slideshow 2

Judy's Eye Slideshow 1

Kent & Jenny 4

Kent & Jenny 3

Kent & Jenny 2

Kent & Jenny Slideshows

Back home again with reliable internet so will be posting the more extensive slideshows today. With that, we start with Kent & Jenny's

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Group Vlog - Farewell to Ireland

All of us were partying at Louis' house on this last night of our trip and we did this little video log as a last hurrah. enjoy.

Our Last Night - Middleshop in Leixlip

A band from Phoenix playing Irish songs in Ireland...it really should not have gone down like this if you think about it.
But they embraced us, they drank with us and they sang with us. By the last gig in Leixlip we had a huge following of people who had seen us at other venues throughout the Dublin area. People were calling their friends on cell phones encouraging them to come see us - pointing the phone towards the stage so they could hear. By the end of the night energy in the room was almost overwhelming with people lined up all around cheering us on. Thanks to those who bought our CD's and T-Shirts. The funds will help us offset the expenses of the trip and it is greatly appreciated.
Thanks to the venues who hosted us and again thanks to all of Liam's band mates who hosted us so graciously.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nearing the End of Trip Blues

It's Saturday at 3:30pm and 6 of us are lounging around in Bernard & Jennies house both because we love them AND they have internet access. I'm currently on one computer at the kitchen table, Roy is plugged in using his laptop on, of all places, his lap. Steve is in a comfy chair by the fireplace taking turns between typing and glancing at the rugby match Liam & Mark are watching on the telly. Bernard & Jennie left 2 hours ago to "run to the shop" saying they'd be back in 20 minutes...we're considering sending out a search party soon but with so many of us laying about...it's no surprise they're taking their sweet time away.

We also heard from Kent, our Jenny and Tim earlier today--they wanted to take one last big day in Dublin City Centre so we won't likely see them again until tonights gig. Tonight we are playing our last gig in the country at the Middle Shop in Leixlip. As the others have said, the locals have taken quite a liking to us so we're expecting quite a crowd for our last gig. That's a good thing too because we've been told the Middle Shop has been suffering so we'd likely be playing to the curtains.

We have TONS of pictures that haven't been posted up here on the blog yet. This is in part because Steve has been the only band member with semi reliable internet access. I tell you this because some of what we have to show will be posted a couple days after getting home.

Speaking of home, this is the saddest part of coming over here...especially for Liam because once again he has to bid farewell to all his family & friends. But as with all good things they do end so day after tomorrow we'll all be dragging our no so sober, bone dogged tired asses onto the plane. Hopefully we'll see you all at Fibbers next weekend!!!

Bye for now.


Headed into the Last Weekend

A big hello from Ireland!

All I can say about this trip is WOW!
It has totally exceeded my expectations.
As we head into our last couple days I thought I might post some personal thoughts about our experience here.

1. The people
Everyone here has been great. If you are lost (which has happened to me a LOT!) people gladly give directions.
Liam's band mates are just simply the nicest people you will meet on this earth. Their assistance with PA, back line gear, instruments and logistics has been greatly appreciated.
Our hosts, Bernard and Jenny have been a Godsend. Mark, Mary, Patricia and myself can not thank them enough. It has been so great to share stories with them over tea late into the night.
To all the great people we have met in the pubs - thank you for your kind words about the band. It has been an honor to perform for you.

2. The Country
So rich in history and scenery. When we were at the Trinity College Book of Kells display I saw a chronological listing of major events that have taken place in Ireland. It kind of makes you think from a different perspective when you compare Ireland to America's brief 200 year history:
c.3000BC Megalithic tombs first constructed.
c.700BC Celts arrive from parts of Gaul and Britain. Ireland divided
into provinces.
c.AD350 Christianity reaches Ireland.
432 Traditional date for the arrival of St. Patrick in Ireland.
700-800 Irish monasticism reaches its zenith.
795 Full-scale Viking invasion.
1172 Pope decrees that Hery II of England is feudal lord of Ireland.
1366 Statues of Kilkenny belatedly forbid intermarriage of English and
Irish. Gaelic culture unsuccessfully suppressed.
1534-40 Failed insurrection by Lord Offaly.
1541 Henry VIII proclaimed king (rather than feudal lord) of Ireland
1558-1603 Reign of Elizabeth I. Policy of Plantation begins. System of
counties adopted.
1595-1603 Failed uprising of Hugh O'Neil.
1641 Charles I's policies cause insurrection in Ulster and Civil War in
1704 Penal Code enacted; Catholics barred from voting, education and the
1782 Grattan's Parliament persuades British to declare Irish
independence, but in name only.
1798 Wolfe Tone's uprising crushed.
1801 Ireland becomes part of Britain under the Act of Union.
1845-48 The Great Famine.
1916 Easter Rising. After the leaders are executed public opinion backs
1920-21 War between Britain and Ireland; Irish Free State and Northern
Ireland created.
1922 Civil war breaks out.
1969 Rioting between Catholics and Protestants. British troops called in.
1971 Provisional IRA begins campaign to oust British troops from Ireland.
1972 UK and Republic of Ireland join European Community. 'Bloody Sunday'
in Derry.
1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement signed.
1994 Peace Declaration and IRA ceasefire.

3. The Pub culture. Again so different than America. More than just a place to drink, there is a true feeling of community in these places. Old and young, rich and poor all come together to reflect on the day and share their thoughts about everything from politics to sports.

We have one more gig tonight (Saturday), a day off tomorrow and then we head back to Phoenix on Monday.
I will try to post some more images before we leave.


Leixlip shows

Ireland rocks! We played shows the past two nights at Arthur's Pub in the Courtyard Hotel in Leixlip. We couldn't ask for a better response to our music! The pub was rockin' both nights and we met a ton of great people. Sadly, tonight is our last show in Ireland- at The Middle Shop which is also in Leixlip. A lot of our new friends who were at Arthur's are coming back tonight, so we're guaranteed another great time.

Everything you've heard about how friendly the people are in Ireland is true. It's been a lot of fun meeting and talking to everyone here. With such a great response hopefully we can do this again next year!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trip to Achill Island

Yesterday (Tuesday) we caravanned to Achill Island on the North West tip of Ireland. This remote area was stunningly beautiful. That evening we headed back for a session in Louisburgh where the guys played traditional Irish music with the locals until the bar closed! (too bad my camera battery died) Today we had a day off for more sightseeing. Patricia and I went to Croag Patrick. There is a yearly pilgrimage that attracts thousands to honor St. Patrick by scaling the 2750 meter mountain to a church at the top. Will post those pictures when I can.

Tomorrow we head off to see more of south Ireland before heading back to Dublin for the weekend's gigs.

Steve and Patricia

The Green and Red of Mayo

We drove to the cliffs of Achill island yesterday for some sight seeing. Lots of sheep along the way. Lots of bog lands. Lots of wind and a little sun. The landscape is just spectacular out here, especially from the top of the cliffs. I'm sure Steve or someone will follow up with some pictures. Like an idiot I got myself to a pub with internet but I forgot my camera so I can't upload any.

There were some crazy bastards surfing in the ocean when we got to the island. We stood there on the shore bundled up in our arctic gear gawking at them and scratching our heads for a while before moving on. We also found a coffee shop that served some great espresso which really hit the spot for me.

Everywhere we go I have the Saw Doctors Song with the title of this entry ringing in my head on an endless loop. We keep seeing all the stuff in the lyrics. We also came across a Red Rose Cafe. . . . that was kind of a trip. Everywhere we go I can smell the turf burning in people's fireplaces. It's a rather unique smell. I had no idea that they dug up their bogs, dried out the muck and then burned it like firewood. Of course there aren't many trees around here so I suppose it comes as no surprise.

The crew all went to a pub last night to jam with the locals. I was tired, a little under the weather and I needed to babysit my video battery charger because it is acting flaky so I stayed behind and got some rest. Who needs a drummer with nothing but beer glasses to beat on during an Irish session anyway? No good can come of it...

Today some of us are taking it easy and others are out sight seeing in various places. Steve and Patricia left me to surf the web in this pub while they are out looking at some monument or something. Meanwhile I am babysitting his laptop as it downloads episodes of Family Guy. The espresso is good here too. Not very Irish of me. . . but what the heck. . . I'm an elitist. I need my espressos and cappuccinos or I start acting like Joe The Plumber.. . .

Good fun all in all. Till next time. . .


Monday, November 10, 2008

The Kilkenny Gig and the Trip to Mayo

Greetings everyone!
We are headed into our second week here in Ireland and what a great time it has been so far.
Our gig Saturday went well. Despite some technical challenges with the house PA system we had a good time playing for our new and old friends. Sunday we made the long drive from Kilkenny west to Mayo. Although the drive was long, the countryside was stunning. The house Lee Ann arranged has a great ocean view. Being so near the ocean, the weather is very wild with driving rain and high winds but the sun still seems to break through from time to time. I may not be back online until Thursday when we return to the Dublin area for our last 3 gigs.

Roy's Vlog

Just some thoughts from the cyber pub. It's cold and windy in Mayo. The house is beautiful with a fantastic view. The road coming in offered a spectacular view of the fjord where the ocean slips in between the mountains. I don't know if it's some kind of weird Irish effect that happens here. . but I can't seem to drink enough to actually get drunk . . . I guess if at first you don't succeed. . . .

**NOTE: The video seems to be taking it's time becoming available. I don't know that I have time to sit in this cyber pub paying for access long enough to make sure it posts so forgive me if it never shows up. I'll check it again when I'm back in internet range.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I think we're on day 4 but it's hard to tell it's been such a blur so far. As you've seen from the pictures, we arrived and jumped right into an overly ambitious schedule with BalconyTV, a photo shoot at the Brazen Head, Clonmel song contest and topped off with one mighty session at the hotel here in Kilkenny. I think the hotel staff are reconsidering the wisdom in their choice to allow 30 people to book in under the name The Brazen Heads....we kept them up in the residents bar (no closing time for paid guests) until well after 5AM.

The song contest--okay we didn't win but have to admit it was for good reason. The quality of each contestant was like watching American Idol. They were so good we had to pick our chins up off the floor and wonder aloud how we ever made the final at all. The top 2 places went to Irish contestants and the third place went to a rather colorful lad from Wales. All in all, we were humbled and very happy to be there. We did also manage to video tape a bunch of it so hopefully in the next day or two some of that will be showing up on the blog.

Kilkenny Sat 8th November. Tonight is the big gig here in Kilkenny and with the warm up we had last night with our wee small party of 30, we're adding to that number by about 12 so the gig should be off the scale. Lucky for us the pub is only a block away from the hotel so unless we get arrested for SWI (stumbling while intoxicated) we should have a good night.

Tomorrow we are off to County Mayo....will write and post more pictures as sobriety allows.

Day 3 in Ireland - The Clonmel Song Contest Day

Today started early with an hour drive from Dublin to Kilkenny where we met up with Liam's friend and former band mate Martin. We headed over for a live interview at KCLR radio and then drove to Clonmel for the contest. The contest was fun. We did not place but we met a lot of great people and enjoyed some awesome music.
Tonight is our first pub gig here in Kilkenny.
Should be a hoot!

Friday, November 7, 2008

We thought you all might be interested in what the Irish think of the new American President!!!

Early Ramblings of a Fiddler

I guess because we’ve been awake for so many hours, we’ve been here in Ireland for two days now, but it seems much longer (in a good way!). Yesterday evening we had our appearance on balconyTV. It was fun except maybe for Fitz who carried the bass amp up the 10 flights of stairs to get up there, but he didn’t complain. We thought the show would be aired live, but it actually will be shown in a couple of weeks. We’ll keep you posted. Today we met at The Brazen Head pub, which obviously is named after us (the bastards!), and did a photo shoot there. Then we split up with some of us taking in some sites, like Christchurch Cathedral, Grafton Street and Trinity College. Amazing stuff.

11/6/08 Tim

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ireland Day 2

Hello everyone.
Today we spent the day doing a photo shoot at the Brazen Head pub (est. 1198) in downtown Dublin.
Everyone was on their own for sightseeing afterwards.
Tomorrow we are off to Kilkenny for a radio interview and the Clomel song contest.
Wish us luck!

The first toast in Ireland!

You are all here in spirit with us... CHEERS!!!

Some Images from Day One

We arrived yesterday but just got internet today.
Here are some images from day one. Thanks everyone for your support!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Live from Sky Harbor!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Irish Tour coming soon!

You've found The Brazen Head blog!! If all goes well we'll be posting bits and pieces from the road during our trip to Ireland. Check back often because we have no idea how many of these smaller towns will offer internet so there may be some each day or blocks every few. With a little luck, we'll also be posting some video too!

You may also comment back to us on our band message board. You'll find that link on the right hand side of the page, oddly enough marked Message Board.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Brazen Heads go Head To Head

We were solicited by someone at MusicNation to submit to this contest that GAC is holding for "The Next Country Star." It wasn't our idea but if you want to play along you can vote for the contestants head to head at the MusicNation website or, if you prefer, at our official message boards. You will need to be a member of the boards to see it, though.

Feel free to vote for us if we pop up. We submitted "Who's Yer Paddy" on a lark.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


George O’Brien-AZ Irish Music Society


A few weeks ago The Brazen Heads presented two videos to support their new CD, “Who’s Yer Paddy”: “One Eyed Reilly” and “Who’s Yer Paddy”. From an artistic standpoint, their videos break new ground.

Most band videos are pretty simplistic. They are simply a presentation of a performance. In some cases, Celtic performers use professional video teams to produce DVD’s and use segments for online videos (Celtic Woman is a good example). But visually they are still just videos of performances. The other most common approach is a generic slide show of photos like pictures of Ireland.

The Brazen Heads videos go far beyond anything other Celtic performers are doing. The difference is that the Brazen Heads have scripted a series of sight gags that match the lyrics of the songs.

In terms of style, the Brazen Heads videos resemble the classic MTV videos of the 1980’s when record labels put big money into the video process. The Brazen Heads lack that kind of money, but made up for limited money with their creativity.

“One Eyed Reilly” reminds one of some of the segments of the classic Beatles movie “Help”. Drummer Roy Plisko wears an eye patch and makes faces as “One Eyed Reilly”, but it is guest Michael Fitzpatrick who provides most of laughs as a guest performer on the cow bell. The sight gags come fast and furious.

“Who’s Yer Paddy” is the video debut of Shala Pero as Annie who simply steals the show. The “plot” is that Annie has a baby and no one knows who is the daddy/paddy. One at a time, everybody in the band comes to her room and then gets pushed into the closet as someone else arrives. Describing it does not do justice to the gags and how effective Shala is as the center of attention. Her expressions are just priceless.

More than just being effective at promoting the CD, their videos offer a chance for the performers to show their comic talents and personalities. The thought that went into the production of these videos puts them in a class of their own.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Val Kilmer Becomes A Brazen Heads Fan!

I just got a notice from ReverbNation that Val Kilmer has become a fan of our work over there. He also put us in his list of recommended artists.

I must admit that I was a fan of his music first, however. It is a nice quiet folk rock kind of sound and his singing voice has a great quality to it. I thought I would share a little of his music here with you. Click on the picture to go straight to his page on ReverbNation if you're curious.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two Great Videos - The Brothers

Christy Moore - Ride On:

Luka Bloom - Delirious:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kozy from the road

Just got the great picture of Kozy, the part time Head and full time Zeta Master on the road with the Pogues. If you don't know him, he's the one on the left with the acoustic guitar.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Images from the Paddy shoot at Tim Finnegan's

CD Baby Sold Out!

The initial supply of CD's in the CD baby store has sold out! Don't worry though. A fresh supply is arriving and there is plenty for all!

Meanwhile, check out this song I found with Christy Moore and Damien Rice: