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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nearing the End of Trip Blues

It's Saturday at 3:30pm and 6 of us are lounging around in Bernard & Jennies house both because we love them AND they have internet access. I'm currently on one computer at the kitchen table, Roy is plugged in using his laptop on, of all places, his lap. Steve is in a comfy chair by the fireplace taking turns between typing and glancing at the rugby match Liam & Mark are watching on the telly. Bernard & Jennie left 2 hours ago to "run to the shop" saying they'd be back in 20 minutes...we're considering sending out a search party soon but with so many of us laying about...it's no surprise they're taking their sweet time away.

We also heard from Kent, our Jenny and Tim earlier today--they wanted to take one last big day in Dublin City Centre so we won't likely see them again until tonights gig. Tonight we are playing our last gig in the country at the Middle Shop in Leixlip. As the others have said, the locals have taken quite a liking to us so we're expecting quite a crowd for our last gig. That's a good thing too because we've been told the Middle Shop has been suffering so we'd likely be playing to the curtains.

We have TONS of pictures that haven't been posted up here on the blog yet. This is in part because Steve has been the only band member with semi reliable internet access. I tell you this because some of what we have to show will be posted a couple days after getting home.

Speaking of home, this is the saddest part of coming over here...especially for Liam because once again he has to bid farewell to all his family & friends. But as with all good things they do end so day after tomorrow we'll all be dragging our no so sober, bone dogged tired asses onto the plane. Hopefully we'll see you all at Fibbers next weekend!!!

Bye for now.


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