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Monday, November 3, 2008

Riley The Irish Duck Prepares for Ireland



Joss said...

Make sure Riley the Irish Duck gets pictures with our Declan The Gnome that Mom(Judy) should have in her carry on bag. His walking staff tip broke off, but now instead it looks like he's holding a shillelagh, how appropriate!

Michelle said...

One can only imagine where Riley might get "placed".

Poor, poor Riley....

Dublin Ann said...

Hey Joss, I'm Ann from Dublin, a old friend of Liam and Leeann's and I have met your Mom and am sharing a room with her tomorrow evening in Kilkenny. Trust me "Declan" is in every photo and being well taken care of by everyone, actually come to think of it, he's the STAR of the show. We had him in the Silver Granite Pub in Palmerstown Dublin last night and in The Brazen Head Pub today. I haven't seen Riley yet, which is worrying in itself but I'll make sure we get a picture of them together. Take Care Ann