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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Last Night - Middleshop in Leixlip

A band from Phoenix playing Irish songs in Ireland...it really should not have gone down like this if you think about it.
But they embraced us, they drank with us and they sang with us. By the last gig in Leixlip we had a huge following of people who had seen us at other venues throughout the Dublin area. People were calling their friends on cell phones encouraging them to come see us - pointing the phone towards the stage so they could hear. By the end of the night energy in the room was almost overwhelming with people lined up all around cheering us on. Thanks to those who bought our CD's and T-Shirts. The funds will help us offset the expenses of the trip and it is greatly appreciated.
Thanks to the venues who hosted us and again thanks to all of Liam's band mates who hosted us so graciously.



Eug said...

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you all for playing the last two nights. Myself & all my mates were seriously impressed. I've lived in Leixlip all my life but last night was the first time I have drank in the middleshop. Hope to see you guys back over in the near future. Take care and safe trip.
ps. Loving the blue nose on me in that picture... hahah

aibou said...

HEY LIAM!!!!!!!!!!
wish i would have known about your band before your trip i would have liked to followed it.i really the videos on your site i have never heard this kind of music before its pretty good.the fiddle is just outstanding!!! you can bet ill come see you here in phoenix when you play.hey if you pass a harley dealer on your way to the airport pick up a t-shirt and yes i would pay you for it.dublin harley davidson its got a nice ring to it anyway hope you all have a safe trip home
your ex avhq co-worker

jack&nadine said...

We just knew they would go nuts for you over there in our other favorite country. It's been great to follow you around via the blog. Thanks for all the sharing. You're the best! God bless.
Jack & Nadine