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Saturday, November 8, 2008

I think we're on day 4 but it's hard to tell it's been such a blur so far. As you've seen from the pictures, we arrived and jumped right into an overly ambitious schedule with BalconyTV, a photo shoot at the Brazen Head, Clonmel song contest and topped off with one mighty session at the hotel here in Kilkenny. I think the hotel staff are reconsidering the wisdom in their choice to allow 30 people to book in under the name The Brazen Heads....we kept them up in the residents bar (no closing time for paid guests) until well after 5AM.

The song contest--okay we didn't win but have to admit it was for good reason. The quality of each contestant was like watching American Idol. They were so good we had to pick our chins up off the floor and wonder aloud how we ever made the final at all. The top 2 places went to Irish contestants and the third place went to a rather colorful lad from Wales. All in all, we were humbled and very happy to be there. We did also manage to video tape a bunch of it so hopefully in the next day or two some of that will be showing up on the blog.

Kilkenny Sat 8th November. Tonight is the big gig here in Kilkenny and with the warm up we had last night with our wee small party of 30, we're adding to that number by about 12 so the gig should be off the scale. Lucky for us the pub is only a block away from the hotel so unless we get arrested for SWI (stumbling while intoxicated) we should have a good night.

Tomorrow we are off to County Mayo....will write and post more pictures as sobriety allows.


dpodonnell said...

Sorry to hear you guys didn't take first place in the contest. Glad to hear everyone is doing well ! I figured I'd start a blog as well from the Mackey residence. Day 1... 3 captain and cokes and played fetch with crissy. Day 2 glass of Bushmills a cigar and then played spot till the wee hours of the morning with crissy. LOL. Have fun and be safe !

Cathie and Rob said...

Sorry you didnʻt take home the prize! But know what you mean about the level of competition. I experienced that in Japan once. You would have had my vote! Youʻre still a winner. Top 10! Have a wonderful rest of your trip. Wish I could have been there. Having Ireland pining pains lately! Take care Roy et al! Aloha, Junko