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Monday, November 10, 2008

The Kilkenny Gig and the Trip to Mayo

Greetings everyone!
We are headed into our second week here in Ireland and what a great time it has been so far.
Our gig Saturday went well. Despite some technical challenges with the house PA system we had a good time playing for our new and old friends. Sunday we made the long drive from Kilkenny west to Mayo. Although the drive was long, the countryside was stunning. The house Lee Ann arranged has a great ocean view. Being so near the ocean, the weather is very wild with driving rain and high winds but the sun still seems to break through from time to time. I may not be back online until Thursday when we return to the Dublin area for our last 3 gigs.


jack&nadine said...

Hi You Brazen Heads!
Just a note of thanks for keeping us informed. The videos are great and we check on you daily.
We actually experienced a few raindrops here yesterday (mostly thunder)...and it's definitely sweater/jacket weather.
We miss you!
Drive safe and God bless.
Your ever-lovin' loyal fans,
Jack & Nadine

GRNMDN said...

Hay everyone out there in Ireland. Thanks for all the great videos and commentary. Sounds like you all are having a great time. Continue to have safe and joyful trip. Go with God. With all our love. Mom & Dad from PA.

Mark said...

Wow Steve, Gigging in the Emerald Isle. Must be some real humble pie compared to the days we were in Lexington Nebraska and Norton Kansas! Your still my 17th or 18th favorite oboe player in the world. Your a good man, you deserve the success. Love the CD you sent me. I figured since you were out of the country I would make copies and sell them on ebay!

Mark said...

2 things: 1. My last comment should have used you're where I used your. Many apologies to the more literate of your fans. 2. Take care of my friend Steve. I hope to hear you live some time soon.